Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

Good Morning!  Its warmer and its not raining, snowing or sleeting this morning.  I am hoping for slow melting or we will have a lake in the backyard along with lots of mud.  With three dogs in the house, not looking forward to wiping feet off.

I have been working on my own quilts this week.  I can't tell you how long this top has been hanging around waiting for quilting.  Its quilted!  Its only 18" x 24".  The full reveal picture on Friday.  Another small quilt is loaded and on its way to being finished also.  The big push is on to finish 7 quilts for our local quilt show March 21 & 22.
I bought this kit on the I-80 Shop Hop years ago.  The finished small quilt in their shop was framed beautifully.  We'll have to see if it gets framed, since that can be costly.  It will look nice hung in my new kitchen.

I hope you are having a productive day.  I have vacuumed the main floor, cleaned off the dining room table from all my quilting piles, cleaned off the counter tops from valentines decorations and put out Easter decorations.  The dining room table looks like a dining table.  Because I have not cleaned and organized my sewing area, I had moved upstairs to the dining room table which doesn't look so great when company stops by. 
The quilt on the table is called Window Box, pattern by Lynnette Jensen.
I made this quilt for Quilter's Garden Quilt Shop when I was their sample maker.
I have not posted the links for the free patterns I like lately.  So today is catch-up day.
Quilt Doodle Designs BOM 2015


McCall's Freebie Friday

Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks


March – Row Quilt Options

March Blocks

Farm Chick Quilts ( used to be the Country Threads block of the month)

Hope you have a great day.  Today I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.
Yours in quilting,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Tips

Tip 1:  Stay inside and quilt today.  We are having freezing rain here.  Our deck is coated with ice and the dogs just came in wet with misty rain on their coats.  I even notice that one quilter posted on Facebook that she called in sick today because of the icy roads and will be having a quilting day.  I declare today a "Quilty Day"!

Tip 2:  Cook something yummy.  I love my new kitchen and have found an outlet for all my baking.  I have been taking my baked goods to church for the social hour.  Its fun because I get to bake what I want, when I want and they love it all.  My family doesn't eat out much since the new kitchen because I cook more.  My roast recipe is on my recipe page.
I use my grandma's old enamel roaster to cook roasts in the oven.  I also use my crockpot a lot.  I love the crockpot liners so there is no mess to clean up. 
This morning I tried this recipe for Texas Sheet Cake Cookies.
Bake for 7 minutes.


Frost with warm frosting....
Enjoy with a cup of Chai tea or your favorite beverage.
I wish the little gremlins would come out and do the clean  up!
Tip 3:  I wanted to share two of my favorite tools for quilting.  Famore 738 scissors
These work by pinching them so they are easy on the hands.  The tips are the important part.  I use the tips to pick out stitches as well as clipping threads.  These are my "go-to tool" for quilting and sewing.  They have slightly curved-up blades so they are handy for embroidery also.  The Chicago International Quilt Show is coming up on March 26-28th and these are on my shopping list for a second pair.  Famore guarantees sharpness for life and will sharpen them for free.
The Pin Place & Scissor Spot is a magnetic suction cup.  I keep it on my longarm for easy access of pins and the above scissors.  I took the scissors off for the picture.  This item holds a lot of goodies while you are quilting.
Stay safe if you have to go out today.  Today I will be linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River.
Yours in quilting,

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Finishes

Its been a very busy, productive week.  Monday, I spoke and provided a trunk show to the Fair City Quilters in Sandwich.  Tuesday, Harry Potter, my Australian Shepherd, and I spoke to the kids at Tiskilwa Library for the after-school program.  Visiting the library may become a regular fun thing for Harry and I .  Its so much fun to see those young minds working.
I also got some baking done for meals and made cookies for the social hour at church. 
I am heading out to visit with my retreat friends in Fulton today and I will also be taking oatmeal raisin and chocolate cookies for a snack.
Here's my finish for the week.  This blue and brown scrap quilt pattern is call Keep Kids Warm by Ami Sims.  It is a free pattern on her website.
Here's a close-up.  I used a quilting pattern called Star Spangled B2B.  The thread is Robinson Anton brown. 
 I used my scraps across the back to lengthen the backing fabric.
Saturday I will be teaching beginning quilting and free motion quilting at the Fair City Quilt Guild.  I prepared muslin and batting pieces for the students to make fabric sandwiches to practice on. 
Supplies ready, pins, 505 spray, marking tools, stencils, quilting gloves, etc.
Congratulations to Anne B.  Your quilt is featured on Link a Finish Friday on Richard and Tanya Quilts. 

Have a great weekend.
Yours in quilting,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

I hope you are keeping busy inside this week. Baby, its cold outside. Most of the country is suffering from the brutal cold or snowy weather.  As I write this it is -2 F, -11 F with wind chill.  Pull up chair and get a fresh cup of coffee or hot tea as this might end up being a long post.
Monday night I traveled to Sandwich, IL, to share my lecture "Charting My Journey" with the Fair City Quilt Guild.  What a fun group of ladies!  It was a very interactive group.  I had fun getting to know them a little and giving away a few goodies.  Inside each triangle pouch was a spool of thread and some chocolate. 
I will be returning to Sandwich on Saturday to teach beginning quilting on your domestic machine. We will cover sandwiching, pinning or spray basting, different types of marking, stitch-in-ditch and basic free motion.  Just the basics to get started.  I provide fabric sandwiches for the student to practice on.  This morning I cut up muslin for the sandwiches.
This is the raffle quilt that was shown at Sandwich.  It will be raffled off at the Camp Tuckabatchee Quilt Show on March 14-15.  It is king size.
Yesterday I hit the floor running first thing in the morning.  Heading to the horse barn to feed Hoot and clean the stall.  We jokingly call the barn the "marble factory" during these really cold days.  The marble factory worked overtime, as there was a lot to clean out.  The more you feed, the more production there is! :)
Then I ran home to clean up and take Harry to the vet for yearly shots.  Actually, it ended up that he only needed the distemper.  We are trying a new type of dental care for him.  He gets one rawhide each day which is treated with a product that will help clean his teeth.  There is some improvement of the tartar build up.  We will re-check the progress in April.  I am trying to avoid putting him under anesthetic for the teeth cleaning.
Yesterday afternoon, Harry and I went to the new Tiskilwa Library for their afterschool program. 
We had seven kids at the library.  We talked about Harry, Australian Shepherds, herding dogs, and show dogs. The kids took turns showing Harry different parts of the new library.  The visit went so well, that we have been invited back next month.  I believe the kids will be reading stories to Harry.
I will let you know what our adventure in March turns out to be.
After getting home from the library, I mixed up oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies.  The cookie dough chilled overnight and today got baked off.  I had set out frozen bread dough yesterday morning and it got baked last night.  The house smelled so good.
Now its time to head to the basement for quilting.  I need to make progress on quilts for the quilt show.  This quilt is now being loaded onto the machine. 
Today I have linked up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.
Yours in quilting,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Design Wall

I was all set to post my pictures and story about Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses class when "boom" my computer had a virus.  Hopefully, the computer is all better after a visit to the computer emergency room.
On Saturday, February 7th, we had a class on English paper piecing using the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses book. 

Valerie Langue was our lecturer and teacher.  Valerie owns the The Quilt Merchant Quilt Shop in Winfield, IL.  Her love of the Patchwork of the Crosses is contagious. 
Valerie brought small kits for the blocks. 
   I bought my kit from Valerie at the Chicago Quilt Show at the Rosemont last October.  I have anxiously been waiting for Valerie's class.  I was afraid I had picked out the most difficult block with matching the pattern to create a circle.  It was quite easy once Valerie explained the process.  Once you know the tips of how to cut the fabric pieces, it is a simple process.  Here is my block.
This is my friend, Maribel's block. 
This is my friend, Kathy O's block.
Below are Valerie's blocks.  Aren't they stunning.  
After taking this class, you never look at fabric the same way.  You are always looking at how you could use the fabric in a Patchwork of the Crosses Block.  We have talked about carrying the template with you so that you can audition fabric through the viewing window of the template.
Have a great Monday!  I will be traveling to Sandwich, IL, this evening to give my lecture and truck show to the Fair City Quilters. 
My bags are about packed and the house looks naked.  I had to wait until this morning to take a few quilts off the bed.
Today I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.
Yours in quilting,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Finishes

Well, its Friday!  TGIF!!  Doing the happy dance today as it has been a productive week.  I have not been posting this week as my computer has been in the hospital.  The computer started talking to me Monday morning telling me that it had a virus.  I could not get rid of the talking screen and I was afraid to call the 800 number it was telling me to call.  I took in to the computer hospital for a cleaning and check-up.  The computer is now feeling and acting much better. 
So while the computer was being fixed I was busy in the studio quilting. This is a king size beauty.  The thread is turquoise Magnifico and the pattern is Feathered Paisely by Anne  This is so big it was hard to get a total picture of it.  My quilt holders worked a lot of overtime this week so they were not home to help during daylight hours. 

I finally laid out some sheets on the deck and then laid out the quilt.  The wind wanted to flip the corners on me. 
This is bright, cute baby quilt is quilted with Clover E2E by Handi Quilter with Barley Omni thread.
This gorgeous star quilt is quilted with neutral colored Goose thread by Omni using Handi Quilter's Star E2E.
I have two more quilts to finish quilting for customers and then onto quilting my own for the quilt show (March 21-22).
Stay warm this weekend if you are affected by this artic blast coming through.  I will be preparing to travel to Sandwich, IL on Monday.  I will be giving my trunk show to the guild.  Time to pull out the big suitcases with wheels to transport my show and tell quilts.
Yours in quilting,