Thursday, October 8, 2015

One of My Many Loves

I have been an animal lover as long as I can remember along with most of my family.  My husband and I have a soft spot for herding dogs, i.e. German Shepherds, Shelties, Australian Shepherds.
Four years ago, we rescued a Yorkie named Rascal.  We had our name on a waiting list for another Australian Shepherd, but it didn't look like we would ever reach the top of the list with the breeder so we rescued Rascal.  Within two weeks of Rascal's arrival the phone rings with the offer of a Blue Merle Aussie, male, and six weeks old.  We took the puppy and raised him, trained him and sent him out of the show circuit.  He is one major point short of a champion.  His name is Indy!

I have been working with Indy over the summer on agility training.  He is not a hot weather dog, so now that fall is upon us, Indy has perked up.  He enjoys our morning training sessions and is excited from the time we leave the house until we get started in the training field.  Tuesday, we had the opportunity to try competing on video.  We successfully completed our first attempt.  Below is the link to the YouTube that I submitted NADAC.
(Harry, on the left and Indy on the right)

We will be competing at our first trial on Friday, October 16th.

I know this is not quilting related but my animals are part of our family.  So many quilters have pets so I thought I would share my success.

Yours in quilting,

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Design Wall

Oh my gosh!  I just checked my pictures from the blog design page and my pictures are showing up again.  Oh, Wanda, if you fixed this for me this weekend, I am forever grateful!  I am doing the happy dance.  Yeah!  Hopefully, things will stay fixed for a long time.

I was at a sewing weekend with some awesome ladies and Wanda is retired business skills teacher.
She looked my phone over and didn't know what or if she could help without my laptop computer.  Wouldn't you know it was one of the times I didn't take my laptop with me but this morning I can view and choose pictures for the blog.  Whoopee!

This is Wanda, who is looking at her first quilt which has just been quilted.
Below is Carol Onken, the longarm quilter talking about Wanda's quilt. Many of us gave Wanda advise on how to trim her quilt and how to add the binding.  She went home ready to do the handwork on the binding.
Hugs and prayers to Wanda today.  It was one year ago that her husband passed away.  I hope today you can smile at the many memories you two made together.
Betty brought some fun show n' tell.  Betty emptied a suitcase of charity quilts.  Notice below the fun way Betty uses panels by cutting them up and adding them to strip sets or by applique.
Betty come out from behind your quilt! 
I am sorry to say, I did not get pictures of all the quilts Betty finished and donated.  They were all adorable.
Below is Susan, our hostess, showing Carol Onken's button fabric quilt.  This was a block trade our group completed back in 2011.  Many us are still working on our layouts and sewing the tops.  The white blocks with the X in them were the additional blocks Carol added to make the quilt queen size. 
Below is Betty rendition of the quilt. 
No sewing day is complete without a food celebration.  Yum! 
Never a bad cook in the bunch and we usually come home with new recipes.
This weekend was no exceptions, I have three new recipes.
Kathy was learning how to use her new sewing machine while making this batik beauty.
Linda whipped up this batik quilt along with a baby quilt. 
Melanie was the UFO Master!  She finished this king size quilt and another quilt called "Twiggy" for her camper's bed. 
Sylvia worked on this Doug Leko quilt. 
Thank you to Susan and all the ladies for a fun, productive weekend.
Today I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.
Yours in quilting,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Design Wall Monday

HELLO! Followers!

Oh my gosh, what a mess this has been getting my ability to post pictures to my blog.  A blog is not very exciting without pictures or drawings.  I have spent more hours than I want to count, trying to figure out the problem(s).  Today I spent an hour and a half at the Verizon store and I can currently find my pictures and add them to the blog.  The question will be "is the problem solved, will I be able continue to be able to find the pictures and have the ability to post them on Blogger"?

Above, I have posted my Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  I have chosen to make the 12 1/2" blocks because I like big quilts.  I am making the quilt on the front of the Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt (  The top row from left to right are:  Baking Day Block, Butter Churn Block, Autumn Star Block, Chicken Foot Block, and Churn Dash Block.  Second Row;  Baby Chick Block, Apron Strings Block, and Canning Season Block.  I have a few more blocks cut out and ready to sew.  I am headed to some sewing days this weekend and hope to sew more of these blocks.

Have a great Monday.  Today I will be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.

Yours in quilting,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Basics on Wednesday

Today I will be traveling to Susan's Calico Creations in Fulton, IL to teach Beginning Basic Machine Quilting on your domestic machine.  We practice sandwiching, marking, stitch in the ditch, and the basic free motion quilting.  We will talk about quilting that enhances the quilt and I bring samples of quilts I have done.  I also bring a big laminated sheet that students can practice stippling or other free motion quilting before trying it on their machines. 

Yesterday was a very busy day.  It was time to pay the real estate taxes, do some banking, and delivered six quilts to the fair.  Then I came home and turned on the longarm determined not to let learning the new software get me down today.  Tadah!  I did it.  I completed three rows of stitching on my own.  I also ran out of bobbin thread, loaded a new bobbin and got the machine started on pattern again without calling for assistance.

I would like to send out a big "Thank YOU!" to Elaine Gilmore, National Educator with Handi Quilter for all your support, phone calls, and printed tutorial.  She reached out to me at my darkest moment in trying to learn the new software update by Handi Quilter.  I am excited that I will be headed to Naperville, IL, to take lessons with Elaine this Friday.  I know this will open many creative possibilities for me.  I am impatient with my learning curve on the Pro Stitcher, I want to know it all now and don't like struggling.  I am a hands-on learner and taking my tablet with the simulator on it will be a great advantage.  The simulator mode is a new part of the software and will make learning much easier.

My lesson learned on the Handi Quilter software rollout, is don't procrastinate learning each update in a reasonable amount of the time.  I put off updating three updates and then this major update came out June 15th.  I am working to learn four updates at once. I have no one to blame but myself, I will persevere and continue to strive to be a better longarm quilter for my enjoyment and my customers' quilts.
Also, I chose a difficult pattern to line up, that made the learning process more difficult.  I am thankful that today things started to make sense.
Have a great Wednesday and thank you, Elaine!
Yours in quilting,

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Tips

Its Fair Day.  Time to make sure the quilts are clean and pet hair free.  I will be delivering six quilts to the Marshall-Putnam County Fair today.  So I pulled them out of storage from my last speaking engagement.  I then go over them with a lint roller.  I also pull out my entry sheet and make notes on post-it notes.  I put a post-it note on each quilt of what class number it was entered in.  This just makes it very easy when you arrive at check in at the fairgrounds.

The rules of the fair state that you must cover your quilt label.  So I measured the center of each quilt label where the writing appears, cut a piece of dark fabric the size of the label center and whip stitched the dark fabric over the label's writing.

Covering label keeps things fair and impartial.
Tips for today. 
 1.  Make sure your quilts are clean and neat, ready to be shown.  Each quilt has a hanging sleeve.
2.  Read the rules and directions carefully. 
3.  Cover label info with a piece of dark fabric, if required.
4.  Have fun showing your quilts!
Tomorrow I will be traveling to Fulton, IL, to teach Basic Beginning Machine Quilting on your domestic machine at Susan's Calico Creations.
Today I am linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River.
Yours in quilting,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday, Monday

Just let you know there is nothing quilty happening today.  My husband found out late last night that he has today off work.  This never happens!  So today I am offline doing "honey do's".  Its just so good to spend time together.  We normally get an hour together from the time we get up to the time he leaves for work.  He has been working so many hours, I am in bed when he comes home or sometimes he works such long hours he stays in a hotel. 
Cheers honey!  This day is for you!
Yours in quilting,

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vintage Thingie Thursday

While in Shipshewana we visited a store with lots of lamps and primitive decorations.  We came upon this reproduction vintage sewing machine lamp.

The ladies were teasing and taunting me.  "This lamp is so you, Terry", "we ought to call your husband and tell him to buy this for your birthday", and " you need to buy this, we can change the lamp shade if that's what is bothering you".  I am sure there were many other reasons they rattled off but those are the few that stuck in my brain.  We did end up changing the lamp shade from wool to the cute Civil War Repro fabric.

I spent time yesterday working on learning the new Pro Stitcher updates.  I finished three rows of quilting and then ran into trouble.  I will be working with, Elaine Gilmore, Handi Quilter Educator to learn the basics before my classes next week.  Thanks, Elaine for coming to my rescue.  There is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.
I took a break from working on the longarm lessons to meet the vet over at the horse barn.  It was time for Hoot's annual shots and Coggins test. He passed with flying colors.  Now to get him moved out to pasture. 
When I get stressed I like to piece.  So I had this block cut out and partially pieced.  I sat down and finished it easily in about a 1/2 hour.
My inspiration for trying this sheep block were my friends, Kelly who raises Shetland Sheep and Lisa who likes to decorate her home with sheep.  It turned out cute and to size.  There are pieces as little as 1" square.  This has helped me decided that I want to make the quilt with 12" blocks.
I hope you are having beautiful weather wherever you are.  We are having back-to-back cool, low humidity days that are very comfortable.  It also made for good sleeping at night.
Yours in quilting,